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Logo Planete Terre The 25 October, the International Environment Spot Film Festivalreceived the label of "Planete Terre"
Festival Spot-Films and Short Films for the Environment

The International Festival of Spot-Films and Short-Films on Water and the Environment (to be held in Montpellier, France) aims to raise the awareness of the general public about the protection of the environment and the management of water resources.  With the problems that currently face our planet and the deep changes that are taking place in this sector, cinema must be used as a effective tool to raise world consciousness.  “Spot-Films” and “Short-Films” dedicated to the environment must be able to raise awareness amongst the general public in a way that is rapid, effective and innovative.
The Festival’s programme will be complemented by a selection of full-length documentaries and films.

A competition for best “spot film” and best “short film” for “Young Producers” that will bring together cinema schools from 50 different countries.

Films presented during the festival will use art to address the same scientific themes that the 1000 international researchers will debate during the nearby World Water Congress.

Our partnership with the IWRA, organiser of the « XIIIth World Water Congress » will provide the platform for an international audience for our event.

   Montpellier from 1 to 5 September 2008


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"Young Producers" Competition
Logo festival
   The first edition of the "Festival of Environmental Spot-Films" will take place
    in Montpellier from 1 to 5 september 2008.

Themes for competition films : Awareness raising for the consersation of water ressources
Type : Film-Spot with a duration of 2 minutes and Film-Court with a duration of 5 minutes
Languages :
French or English. Foreign languages films must either be dubbed or sub-titled in English
Registrations : This is  an international competition. It is open to young producers, cinema and animation
scools, video/film clubs. It is free to enter.Registrations are open from 15 October 2007 to 15 June 2008

Some water themes films in competition
Shortage / water scarcity
Wars / battles in the water
Cost of water (water privatization, water management, financing ...
Water and societies (globalization, urbanization, industrial pollution, agriculture, energy, etc.)
Water: an ally and an enemy (climate change, natural disasters, etc.)
The right to water, sanitation, health.
Social Aspect of water symbol, tradition and modernity

Two partners, IRWA and RIEC

confronting the expanding and diversifying pressures

The objective of the XIIIth World Water Congress is to enhance the world’s knowledge and raise global consciousness of the impact of global changes on water resources. The Congress will bring together wide-interest participation, exhibitions and scientific communications about our planet’s water resources. This Congress will represent an important global meeting point for open dialogue between public and private partners, between users and decision makers and between developing, emerging and developed countries. In order to contribute to this global reflection and action, the Congress will organise numerous debates, presentations and exhibitions among key water stakeholders.



In August 2007 to Stockholm and in the framework of the "World Water Week", the festival of Montpellier, Invited by "the Meet International Waters and Movie" (RIEC) participated in a work meeting with persons in charge of festivals environment. This meeting had for objective to develop a partnership allowing the elaboration of a basis of constituted data of extracts of films visualisable on internet and compiling the better films Treating of these subjects.  The directors that will accept entering into this listing, will see their film selectionné automatically in the different implied festivals in this partnership. The persons in charge of programming will have thus the possibility to do their choice in an online catalog.
 The Festival places itself in the dynamics of this partnership or 8 international festivals on the environment will collaborate.
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