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Logo Planete Terre The 25 October, the International Environment Spot Film Festivalreceived the label of "Planete Terre"
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 "International Festival of Spot-Films and Short-Films"
Awareness Raising for Water
and the Environment



Festival Objectives

The objective of the festival is to raise the awareness of the general public about the protection of the environment and the management of water resources.  With the problems that currently face our planet and the deep changes that are taking place in this sector, cinema must be used as a effective tool to raise world consciousness.  In this context and during a time in which environmental slogans are being outrageously used in spot-advertisements to sell consumer products, “Spot-Films” and “Short-Films” dedicated to the environment must be able to raise awareness amongst the general public in a way that is rapid, effective and innovative.

Messages through Images

With this aim, the festival committee is organising an « international competition for spot-films and short-films » that are dedicated to awareness raising and have one particular defining factor: the capacity to transmit strong and compact ideas and messages in a short timeframe.  Less than 90 seconds for Spot-Films and less than 5 minutes for Short-Films.  The difference between the two types of production originates from the advertising approach of the Spot-Film and an approach that is more documentary / educational for the Short-Film.

The Spot-Films dedicated to the Environment

The "spot-Films" for raising awareness of the environment has the same requirements as an adversiting type "Spot" : it must make  an impact, be concise and be able to be easily memorised. The golden rule for all advertisings is: one spot = one message. The difference between an advertisising-spot which aims to sell a good, is that the awareness-raising spot aims "to sell" an important social idea. The keys to success for a spot are originality, spirit, finesse and creativity. We could also note that humour is often a much stronger way about the environmental education than dramatising catastrophe.

One Jury, several prizes

The best productions will be selected and prizes by a distinguished international jury composed of 7 members coming from the  worlds of science, movie and media world as well as water environmental specialists.

One Public, many films

The public will be invited to the projection of the films in four nights, which will occur during the week of scientific  "13th WORD WATER CONGRESS" that will be held from 1 to 4 September 2008. During these evenings, debates will be chaired by internationally recognised scientists, filmmakers and regional officials. These four evenings will end with the prize-giving ceremony of the charts.

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